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To ensure tight deadlines for UAS development and testing, in August 2022 we simultaneously launched our own pilot and small-scale manufacture. At present, the manufacture of most of the structural elements for large, small cargo drones and aerotaxis has been arranged.


  • UAS Manufacture Center
  • Center for Manufacture of UAS Components
  • Center for Composite Materials
  • Experimental Flight Center
At the numerical control (NC) section, we concentrated the pilot production of all kinds of aluminum aircraft components with the use of a laser cutting machine and a high-precision milling station: from simple products such as flanges, linings, locks to electric motors, radiators, cases of electric motor control controllers.



The center for manufacture of UAS components has launched a full cycle of production and assembly of electric motors with a rated power of 11 kW (30 kW peak) exclusively from domestic components. Thanks to this, we have achieved complete independence from the supply of foreign spare parts.
For the manufacture of propellers, we have mastered a laborious but effective technology of implementation of the carbon fiber impregnated with epoxy resin and kilned in the specialized furnaces. Several molding methods are being used, such as vacuum, thermo-compression and air pressure molding. In addition to the parts themselves, we have all the necessary equipment for the production of dies that are used for molding.



The battery control system is a combination of the smart electronic charging system and the onboard power management circuit, which is also our own development and an integral part of the battery section. At the moment, we are assembling batteries from purchased elements and at the same time we are launching the construction of a plant for manufacturing our own battery cells. We manufacture battery control circuit boards by ourselves.


The UAS airframe is made from carbon fiber in the Center for Composite Materials. Now the method of vacuum infusion is used for this procedure. In the future, it is planned to switch to the vacuum molding from sheet molding compounds, which will increase the UAS strength.


We manufacture and assemble electronic components of drones — drivers and BMS boards, as well as check the performance of all UAS electronic components.


We manufacture and assemble frame beams for multicopter-type UAS applying the air pressure molding method with the use of the domestic carbon fiber supplied by Umatex Rosatom Company. The beam design allows to install 4 battery and radiator sections inside.


At the UAS assembly site, we deal with installation, set up, performance testing, preparation for flights, maintenance and repair of UAS of all the platforms. Our employees have mastered the assembly procedures for 6 different UAS models and modifications, and more than 10 UAS units can be serviced at the site.