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Multi-purpose platform for aerial monitoring and delivery of small cargoes
The ERA generation drones are represented by the tilt-rotor planes, which combine the advantages of the high speed of an aircraft with the vertical takeoff and the landing characteristics of a helicopter.
In other words, tilt-rotor planes take off like a helicopter and fly like an airplane. The ERA is designed for flights over distances up to 300 km and transportation of up to 3 kg of payload. Due to its long flying range, it can be used for aerial photography of remote areas, as well as for monitoring forests with a high fire risk.


The main advantage is versatility. The tilt-rotor plane can take off and land like a helicopter, but at the same time fly at airplane speed. It features a cost-effective and low-noise power plant, as well as the convenience of mounting and dismounting the wings during transportation.
0.6 m
2.1 m
90 min
120 km/h
150 km
2 kg
2000 m
Flight time
Flying speed
Flying range, max
Weight-lift, max
Flying altitude, max